Tube socks

One of my boys favorite things to do was to is run and drop to their knees for a glorious slide down a hallway.  At recess, church, even at home.  Everywhere there was a shiny floor, there my kids were trying to out slide each other.  Soon I ran out of patches for their knees and I decided one day to smarten up and give into their sliding desires.

One day after school, I told them to run upstairs and put on clean tube socks (remember when those were cool?).  I then grabbed my bottle of Pledge and sprayed down our hallway floor.  (At this point I was feeling like Mary Poppins.  The kids wouldn’t even realize they were helping me polish the floors.)  They eagerly trotted downstairs, and from the carpeted living room I ran and demonstrated a 15 foot slide down the hall on my feet.  Well that was all they needed.  They slid for hours falling with uncontrollable laughter.  This activity lasted not only hours, but years.  We even encouraged our student small group to join in the fun.

Funny, now that I think about it, I wonder if all that sliding developed a solid center of gravity.  My kids never fell and broke bones.  Skiing, mountain boarding (Kyle, you  know that mountain boarding story will surface at some point in my blog), and tree climbing.  Yes, you can call it a miracle.  I’m calling it Pledge Bootcamp.

Thank you, maker of tube socks.  You entertained my children for years.

Tube sock wars.  Not just a Christmas activity.
Tube sock wars. Not just a Christmas activity.

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