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Surprised we are empty nesters already.
Empty nesters.

Happily married to Shawn since 1990, together they had 2 boys who are both married and on their own.  Since the kids left they have been enjoying camping, backpacking, photography, kayaking, fishing, and inspired to launch Life Church in Hershey, PA in 2013.  There have been bumps along their journey, but through it all God has held them together.

This blog is written by an empty-nester momma who is blogging up the feels from raising kids.

Our kids are all grown up, but we still keep in touch.
Our kids are all grown up, but they still keep in touch.

6 thoughts on “This crazy blogger

  1. Love your blog- esp the photos! After you told me about the emojis, I went online to see if I could get them on my computer..without paying for an app of course. So there is a way! ..when your curser is where you want the emoji to be, you press control, command then the space bar..and up pops a little menu box with all of them in it. 😀 Such a small thing..literally..but hey, I learned something new. 😎

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    1. Thank you Mrs D. Time is flying by, no matter what shows on our faces. I’m so glad you are doing well with this new and beautiful season in your life. Looking forward to reading your blog. Yes you are right. Empty Nesters RULE. 🙂

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  2. I nominated you for the “Real Inspiring Blogger Award!” YAY! 🎉The “to do” list for this award is pretty easy, you basically just pass the award on to ten of your favorite bloggers. 😘 The “logo” and cut’n’ paste directions are on my home page at the bottom if you’re interested. 👍

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