Our “May Basket” Overflows

I distinctly remember hearing myself say, “I wish I could start out being a grandparent.  You still get sleep, yet can play with little people that are blood related.”  Now I know why I said that.  This is the part where fresh feathers were welcome in our empty nest.  We are grandparents!

On May 1, 2015, our oldest son and his wife had a beautiful baby girl, Audrey Marie.  She was squishy and perfect and we were blessed beyond measure to have seen her the day she was born in Bremerton WA.  My husband and I made travel plans to see her and the family months prior to her due date in hopes that we would be able to meet her.  God miraculously worked it out that we could hold her and cuddle her before jumping back on a plane to Hershey PA.  It was a down-right miracle.

In my mind, I never really had the perfect words to express how I felt on that day.  It has literally taken me 7 months to work up the courage to put this beautiful event on my blog.  So many feeling wrapped up in one trip.  The fact of being on the West Coast was one visual stimulant that could carry me for 2 years.

Shawn and I drove to the Pacific Ocean and drove…literally drove ON the beach.  It was something you really wouldn’t do on the East Coast, unless of course you had very fat deflated tires that wouldn’t sink 2 feet into the sand.  Shawn rolled up his pants and walked, what seemed to be 1/4 mile, out into the water.  It’s crazy how the tide comes in so gradually.  The opposite is in Florida, actually.  There’s a marked drop off.  So bad that your ankles would hurt to walk too far one way.

Enough about the Pacific Ocean and the fact that Seattle was over the top amazing, stunning, unique, trending, and a Starbucks wonder.  Because all those things were a huge high.  Having a grandchild and holding that little piece of heaven in your arms.  Now THAT… that what made my heart overflow with joy.  There was a new stirring of happiness that I never knew before.  I have been loving the idea of looking through a child’s eyes.  To see everything fresh.  To experience everything for the first time has been beautiful, enlightening, and rebirthing (every pun intended).

Now, let’s be realistic here.  Just because we may be feeling out of sorts, lonely or disconnected, doesn’t mean that we need to go out and grab yourself a grandkid.  Though tempting, don’t do it.  Demanding children from my own kids would only cause tension in a family.  If your children have dogs, cats, or even a pet piglet, love them like they are family.  I mean, they have a part of your children’s hearts, so why not support them in that way?  Heck, knit a pig sweater.  Share the love.  Show the love.

Today, I am a very happy “Birdy” or so I’ve been named (thank you Courtney Good) and I intend on being the best Birdy I can be to my grand babes.  Since they have moved back to the East Coast we are SUPER excited to be able to be more hands on with our Kyle, Haley, and Audrey Marie.  We are blessed and our May Basket is full all year long.



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