Start By Starting

DSC_0369I’ve thought about blogging days on end, always telling myself I have nothing to say that really will be of interest to anyone.  But somehow I find myself laughing with a friend via text, message, or email and say, “geez, that would have been a great blog entry”.

So, in honor of those times I have said “I should re start my blog” BOOP, I’m pushing the restart button.

However this time I am putting some perimeters on myself.

  1.  I’m not going to allow 3 hours to slip by in typing, editing, rewriting, pick pick pick, stress out, cry, THEN post. (Am I the only one that does this from time to time?)  I’m just going to write, check for cognitive thought, add one or two corrections, and post.  No one is the perfect blogger except for those that are full of whit, deep contemplations, have solved world problems, and have discovered new ways of catching a fly with chop sticks.  I, on the other hand, may have a fresh new angle on the same old peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  2. I will only use my own photos.  Photography is too easy.  Come on.  Just take a shot, K.
  3. I will speak words that bring Life.  I’m not a philosopher, motivational speaker, or scholar but I am a mom, wife, and friend.  There are days we all need encouragement in one way or another.
  4. I won’t compare myself to others or write what I think people want to hear.  This should be something I strive to act out daily, not just on my blog.

So thanks for following and commenting.  It means so much to know we aren’t not alone.


2 thoughts on “Start By Starting

  1. Welcome back Kristal! And well said.

    I too have spent too much time on posts and agonising over what people might think when they read them. The thing is, it’s your space to do whatever you like with.

    Mr D and I have been so busy with farm pursuits, as you know, that my blog posts now get thrown together (few and far between at the moment) with a bunch of photos and out they go.

    As for taking your own photos, I agree wholeheartedly. A photo tells a thousand words and you take fabulous photos.

    I’m looking forward to reading and seeing more.

    Mrs D x

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