The Day Birding and Backpacking Collide

It was probably around 6am when I opened my eyes to the sounds of a bird perched above my tent.  I looked over at Irene and she hadn’t awakened yet.  I pulled out my ear plugs to get a better listen to this song.  My GOSH, I’ve never heard such beauty.  I pulled out my phone to record his song and for 2 minutes he muttered a guttural tone, then chirped, and finished it off with a basket of silverware hitting the floor.  Yup, after I accidentally deleted the video, this was my best description of the bird call.

Each time I hiked the Appalachian Trail, I would listen and watch for the mystery bird.  I would hear it while it perched in obscure places and I couldn’t lay my eyes on it.  It wasn’t until a trip to Gifford Pinchot State Park in PA that I could get a half fast photo… enough for a lead.

Today I searched my bird book for an hour and cross referenced it with songs posted on YouTube.

BOOM.  I finally found it.

To be honest, I BURST into tears when I heard the sweet song and quickly called my husband blubbering about my discovery.  He was so kind.  So gracious to make over my findings and I love him for it.

I’ve been searching for probably about 3-4 YEARS for this soloist.  Today, I’m a happy Birdy.


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