Recipe: Mini Whole Wheat Egg Sammies

A full flavored, beautiful way to start an Empty Nester’s day.  A little Asiago, oregano, basil, deli ham, egg, spinach, tomato, avocado … I know.  I know.  This isn’t a story about my kids.  However it IS the story of winning the way to my husbands heart.  FOOD!  Please know that this recipe has butter and gluten in it.

I made the egg muffins the night before and stuck them in the fridge.  I also made up the dry part of the biscuit dough, covered it in plastic wrap, then made up the biscuits in the morning so they were hot n fresh.  Shawn came downstairs to the kitchen and announced that “it smells like Dunkin Donuts in here.”  I’m pretty sure that was intended to be a compliment.

As a surprise, my dad stopped over the morning I made these and he was able to enjoy one of these buttery tasting beauties.  It sure is a treat to have a meal with family, talking about the day ahead, the days we had to conquer difficulties, and/or what is pressing on our hearts.  I just love it.  There’s something about good homemade food as well.  It can crack open conversation and cheer a heart like no other.

NOTE: You can wrap the sandwiches individually and store them in the freezer for a quick breakfast.  The intention was to create these for our trip to Creation.  I found that they taste SO good that the batch may not even make it to our camper freezer.


8 thoughts on “Recipe: Mini Whole Wheat Egg Sammies

  1. They look good. Food brings people together in so many ways. Until the kids left home, dinner was the one meal where we all sat at the table together and chatted about the day over the meal. Mr D and I still eat our meal at the table and chat about the day. When we visit our children, we eat our meal at the their table. I love it! Empty Nesters unite! xo

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      1. Yes..very easy. I could plop play-dough on a plate, cover it in condiments and he would tell me how great it is…of course when I bust my “buns” to make something special and the Heinz bottle comes out…it’s hard not to take that personally. 😡HAHA

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