Soundtracks and Storylines

“I have to go to the bathroom.” – “Can you pee in a bottle?”

“He’s touching my leg.” – “Boys, don’t cross this line in the seat.”

Sound familiar?  (Sound Redneck?)  Car rides with kids have always been a challenge.  Before handheld entertainment devices, parents had to get creative to keep kids occupied.  MadLibs and action figures were great, but one thing we found fun was popping in a CD and listening to soundtracks.

Wait, kids and soundtracks?  I know, I know.  Sounds crazy but what we did while listening to these soundtracks put a squeeze on their imagination.

It was a 20 minute drive home every day from Kory’s kindergarten class, so after I’d pick him up he’d ask to put in Michael W Smith’s “Freedom” CD.  His favorite track was entitled “Freedom Battle”, so I would pat the search button to #7 and we’d begin.  We would listen to the music and describe what we’d imagine happening with the ebb and flow of the song.  Back and forth we would contribute our thoughts as the song charged on.  We would track someone through battle scenes, who he’d meet along the way, and would finish with an epic victory.  The interaction between soundtracks and storylines got better and better with every ride home.  Honestly, I don’t remember how long this lasted but I can see what it did for his imagination.

Fast forward 14 years.  May of 2014 Kory staged a proposal in the form of a treasure hunt for Nichole, his beautiful girlfriend.  He wrote notes that sent his fiancé-to-be from Hershey to Lancaster to Bensalem, meeting up with friends and family who gave her yet another note in the treasure hunt.  It was an all day event, building with excitement, sharing laughs, hugs, a visit to a nail salon, and coffee.  Ultimately she ended up at her parents house where a bag was presented to her with a change of clothes.  Her father walked her to her final destination.  Friends, Irene and Kajia escorted her through the day and captured photos and video clips to help with the making of a short movie Kory put together (link below).

Watching the happenings of that day, I can see bits and pieces of the soundtrack matching up with the video.  Motion and emotion were golden threads all connected with music.  It was as though (gulp) he was once again in the back seat of our car, calling out the scene changes bringing the music to life.

Since he was small, Kory vowed he would propose to his future wife with a ring pop.  That tid bit will come in handy when watching the proposal scene.  😉

Kory's ring pop proposal for Nichole at sunset.  Life's beautiful music has just begun for these two.
Kory’s ring pop proposal for Nichole at sunset. Life’s beautiful music has just begun for these two.

Cover photo from  A quirky and funny blog giving account of the stresses and rewards of being a mom.


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