Sock Wars

One of my boys favorite things to do is run and drop to their knees for a glorious slide down a hallway.  At the store, at school, church, anywhere there was an uncarpeted area they would compete with each other to see who could run, drop, and slide the furthest.

At one point I ran out of patches for their knees and I was tired of running to Kohls for new pants so I smartened up and give into their sliding desires.  One day after school I told them to run upstairs and put on clean tube socks.  I generously sprayed Pledge on our hallway floor and as they trotted downstairs I proceeded to demonstrate.  At this point I’m feeling as creative and fancy free as Mary Poppins.  From the carpeted living room I demonstrated a 15 foot slide down the hall showing how much farther they could slide on their socks.  That was all it took.  They were sliding down the hall for hours, giggling, crashing, and falling with uncontrollable laughter.

This sliding activity has literally lasted for years.  Even our student groups joined in the fun times.  Funny, now that I think about it, I wonder if all that sliding developed a solid center of gravity in my children.  They had never fallen and broken a bone in their young years of adventure.  Even while skiing, climbing trees and riding horses.  Some would call it a miracle and an answer to prayer.  I’m also calling it “Pledge Bootcamp”.

Below is a special event provided by my creative husband.  “Sock Wars”.  There was no winner.  No loser.  They basically had pillow fights… with socks.  So, next time your kids have a little too much energy, grab a couple pair of tube socks.  Roll one sock and stuff it into the toe of the matching one and start swinging.  🙂

Tube sock wars.  Not just a Christmas activity.
Tube sock wars. Not just a Christmas activity.

Cover photo from  Cute little blog on repairing and refashioning children’s clothing.


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