Pushing Limits

My husband was a youth pastor for 23 years and in that time we have taken the kids on numerous retreats.  A couple years ago the family conquered a few fears at a high adventure camp.  One of them being heights.  I don’t know if the boys were really as scared of heights as I was, but they climbed through a high ropes course with sky bridges and a zip line ending with a glorious dismount.

After you complete something like this, you just feel different.  There is a confidence you build when tackling your fears and pushing your limits.  You are stronger in mind and in body, charging you to tackle other intimidations in life.  When you are teetering on the edge of the unknown, know that there are family and friends cheering you on, believing you will do the right thing.  Is there someone within your reach today?  Be the voice of encouragement to them to conquer what seems almost impossible.

By the way if you live near Lancaster County PA, look up Refreshing Mountain Camp.  Tons of fun.  🙂

Kyle flies down the zip line, satisfied with his accomplishments.
Kyle flies down the zip line, satisfied with his accomplishments.

6 thoughts on “Pushing Limits

  1. Every year we would drive over that huge bridge in West Virginia on our way to visit Grandma..I would see those school busses with the rafts and think to myself “I will NEVER (EVER!!) go whitewater rafting in my entire life. Well, one summer a few years ago, we did it..and you are so right..the feeling afterwards was unlike anything I had ever experienced. (truthfully, so was the feeling right before! 😫) It was the following year that I flew (on a plane-ha) for the first time in 25 (!!!) years. That’s the thing about building courage and having faith…it’s like a muscle and it keeps getting stronger! 👍

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      1. Nothing planned really, going to be taking my daughter to college in August. If you want “limit pushing”, you should check out “lovetotrav” blog.. her gravatar is a photo of her family on camels…in Egypt..where they will be moving soon….nuff said.😮😀

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  2. I used to do the “ropes course” with an adventure group in Prince Edward Island. It was a camp for teens to think outside the box and take risks that were “safe” but yet outside their comfort zone. It was amazing to see them succeed and learn more about themselves and their strengths. Great post. I totally get it!

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