Intentional Black Outs

A storm is brewing, so the kids gather their flashlights and Shawn and I begin lighting candles.  We are all hoping the power goes out so we can have a fun family night around the table playing games and snacking on goldfish.  In an hour the storm passes and with great sadness the boys groan that the lights are still on.  It was then that Shawn takes matters in his own hands, sneaks down the basement stairs, and trips the breaker to the house.  The kids squeal with glee as they turn on their flashlights and run to the kitchen where the candles were lit.  This will be the day that inspires the periodic “No Electricity Night” celebrations.

The boys would chant for these nights and I’m so glad we had them.  I honestly don’t know why losing power still makes our family so happy but you can compare it to getting snowed in.  The world stops for a while and you get to enjoy each other.

So after dinner is done cooking, trip the breaker, pull out the games, and make some memories.  From reading a story out loud to hide and seek, a game of Uno to LED light paintings captured with an extended shutter release, you’ll be glad you took the time to unplug.

Kyle's flashlight painting of a boat.
Extended shutter release capture of Kyle’s flashlight boat painting.

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