Chopstick Fever

Chinese take-out.  It was full of sodium, insane fortune advice, and MSG (or some other crazy additives).  But the one thing we found it to be good for, was family bonding with chopsticks.  It was a musical treat.

“Musical?” you ask.  Ya see, my husband was, and still is, an awesome drummer.  You know, the kind that marched in the Cherry Blossom parades and performed at half time for the Buffalo Bills.  That kind.  There’s no separating the man from an opportunity to drive home a beat on the car steering wheel or the kitchen counter top.  He’s the type that will listen to the knocking and rattling of a washing machine and start adding to it to compose something you’d need to get up and dance to.  Combine this amazing skill with a pair of “mini drum sticks” and you’ve got take-out entertainment.

Since our children were old enough to use chopsticks, we’d finish dinner, push our take out boxes aside, and Shawn would start clinking on a glass and the table to make a simple beat.  One by one the boys would chime in with something different until all four of us were pounding away like the African drum line of Lancaster County.  We’d stop, break the beat, and laugh at how silly it was.  How funny it looked while trying to dance and keep the rhythm going.  We would giggle with pride in our accomplishments and soon Shawn would get to work on starting up a new beat for the next round.

I guess it seems so simple now, but I’m thankful for those little breaks in the day where we can be silly, creative, and instill a love for music while digesting our choice Chinese favs.

If you love music, break out the chopsticks and gather up some “street cred” with a family drum line.  You never know what talents you will awaken with these fresh, funky beats.


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