Voice Lessons for Vacations

To be honest, when we raised our kids there usually wasn’t much extra money to spend, never mind planning for a  family vacation.  It was for this reason I decided to take up a side job and teach voice lessons, specifically saving for family vacations.  The kids and I decorated a dog treat jar with family photos to inspire us to scrimp and save for a get away.  Hint:  If you put this jar in the laundry room, you’ll collect quite a few dollars and coins from pockets.  Just sayin’.  😉

After giving lessons for half a year and the boys putting in coins they found, we had saved up enough to take our family to Virginia Beach for 3 days.

2003 was our first year going on a family vacation and we did the unthinkable.  We paid full price for a hotel room on the boardwalk.  (Since then, we’ve learned to rent homes near by for a fraction of the cost.)  The kids learned all about budgets that year, understanding that we only had so much money to spend.  All the while, we built sand castles, body surfed, ate Doughboys pizza and Kohr Brothers ice cream.  Oh yes, we toured a battleship too.  One day it was too windy to get in the water, so Shawn suggested we visit a specialty kite shop and buy stunt kites.  At first the thought of kites didn’t go over very well, but once they saw how it dipped and turned the boys were tugging at the strings for their turn.  They willingly played “dodge the kite” as the controller zoomed the buzzing glider overhead.  Haha  Now that I think about it, I’m glad no one got hurt.

I believe it was the beginning of a wonderful time in our lives.  Time away.  Just the 4 of us.

We visited Nauticus, where we toured the Battleship Wisconsin.
We visited Nauticus, where we toured the Battleship Wisconsin.
Little did we know that 12 years later we would be touring the vessel that our oldest son, Kyle, is stationed on.
Little did we know, 12 years later we would be touring a navel ship that our oldest son is stationed on.  We are so proud of him.

6 thoughts on “Voice Lessons for Vacations

  1. In our Zion days, we also learned the value of being together was more important than where we were or how much we spent. And also gave us that love for ocean, sand and crashing waves, with a few greedy seagulls thrown in for good measure :o)

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  2. Such a cute idea I love it! Evan keeps asking when we can go to Disney, maybe this will help teach him that things like this don’t “just happen”. Love this idea, totally stealing it 😉 thanks for sharing Kristal

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    1. Pictures of the kids having fun on the savings jar helped to stir up excitement. I kept it right by the breakfast bar for the first year’s vacation. Lots of great conversation on how we could raise money. I would love to stop by for your lemonade stand and bake sale, so keep me posted. 😉 Love you girl!!


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