Getting Dirty

There are times that you just need to let kids get dirty.  In fact, if you have boys, they will be dirty most of the time.  Their faces will tell you how much fun they have had with the amount of dirt, dough, and paint they’ve applied.

Kory trying his hand at riding a 4 wheeler.
Kory trying his hand at riding a 4 wheeler.

Thanks to Bob and Betty Bentley (Shawn’s parents) we have made many memories at a family cabin in upstate New York.  The kids could hike, explore the woods, watch the neighborhood bear tear apart our trash (watching from a window of course), build campfires, and learn to shoot. Another highlight was 4-wheeling.  Mud would sling EVERYwhere.  At one point the crud was so thick in the woods we would cover their shoes and legs with bread bags to prevent newer shoes from getting hyper-caked.

Over the years of visiting camp, I believe the boys learned to love mud-slinging sports.  Riding a quad built confidence and skill, and frankly it was down right fun.  🙂

Maybe you are reading this and you find that treating stains are too bothersome.  I encourage you to go to the thrift store, grab some $1 pants and get out there with them.  Get muddy.  For the most part, it all comes out in the wash.  But those fun memories and laughter will remain deep in the hearts of our families.

We love you, Bentley family!!  Thank you for investing time and teaching our boys about the importance of slinging mud.

Kyle and his wife, Haley, visit camp after Kory and Nichole's wedding.  Little did they know Haley was pregnant!!
Shawn, Kyle, and his wife, Haley, visit camp after Kory and Nichole’s wedding.  Little did they know Haley was pregnant!!

3 thoughts on “Getting Dirty

  1. Is there life without mud? My son, who turns 21 this summer, dug a hole in the yard when he was about 5 or 6. He loved that mud hole! Drove his tonka trucks through it, splashed in it when it filled with water, etc. Later, when he started riding a two wheel bike…oh boy! There is no fun like mud fun!

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    1. Kids are creative mud magnets! Your son sounds like he enjoyed the great outdoors and worked hard for his play time. I wonder, did you turn the hole into a flower bed? It could be a future mud hole for your grand babies. 👣👶🏼💁🏼🐷


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