Laughter is like a good medicine

Trying to flip the hammock of girls at Kyle's graduation party.
Trying to flip the hammock of girls at Kyle’s graduation party.

Some have it.  The gift of making others laugh.  It’s hard to find people that have this said gift and when you do , you want to bathe in their presence like you’re eating a four course meal.

Our family was blessed with a child that seemed to make us all laugh.  On any given night around the dinner table, our oldest son, Kyle, would tell stories that would end the meal in toned tummies and tears running down our cheeks.  He seemed to learn to stretch (or enhance) the truth enough to make a very boring story something to die laughing about.  Of course that brought the challenges of what was really true.  But in most cases, if it made a great story and it didn’t hurt anyone we went along with it.

When our children were small and bedded down for the night, we turned off their bedroom light and clicked on tapes or CDs they could relax and  fall asleep to.  Audio books were fun, but their #1 choices were Mark Lowry and Bob Smiley.   Over the years he progressed from funny comebacks to impersonations.  He got so good at mimicking Jim Carrey acting as the Grinch, people would ask him for a quick performance here and there.  In fact, I have a sneaky suspicion Haley married him because of this personality perk.  🙂

Perhaps Kyle’s funny bone was born out of comedians on tape.  Could it be my husband’s deep love for practical jokes.  Maybe it’s from my parents who invested countless years into our children, teaching them to laugh off the small stuff.  Who knows. Proverbs says that laughter (a merry heart) is like a good medicine.  It seemed that laughter was a quick escape from the reality of a stressed out life.  It helped them realize that, unlike the rest of the world’s mindset, drinking alcohol is not necessary for a good time.

When was the last time you said, “I haven’t laughed like this in a long while”?  Maybe you are overdue for a belly laugh.  Let me put this out there.  Try something new, fail miserably, and laugh about it.  Try pottery.  Paint a picture.  Do a cartwheel (helmets may be required).  Play a ridiculous game with some friends and family.  Better yet play a harmless practical joke that makes even the “victim” laugh.   If all else fails do what my kids do for a quick pick-me-up.  Search YouTube for “America’s Funniest Home Videos”.

Keep laughing, family!  It does a body good.

Kyle and Haley try their hand at dancing in a field of weeds.  Laughing at their two left feet.
Kyle and Haley try their hand at dancing in a field of weeds. Laughing at their two left feet.

10 thoughts on “Laughter is like a good medicine

  1. It is so much fun to laugh. I think about the times when family is around the dining room table talking about things they did years ago that mom or dad didn’t know about when they were teenagers. Maybe we really didn’t need to know about it but it was funny hearing that many years later when they couldn’t be scolded anymore.

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  2. Laughter is something we all need to try and to enjoy. It is the solution to so many things and it is free. Laugh at every opportunity that life throws your way. Laugh at yourself, laugh at and with your family and friends. life is short…live it…enjoy it!

    Keep Smiling 😊

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